Magento filter collection – nested AND- and OR-clauses

The other day, if was looking (and searching the web) if there was a method in Magento, with which you can easily filter a collection, in which the AND-clause for an attribute filter is within the OR-clause. In the beginning I thought this problem is quite trivial, but I finally had to realize that there is no easy way to archive that. Seanbreeden posted a solution that worked but I wanted to apply filter generated in a loop, so I had to extend that.

So in this post, I want to summarize the approach and share my learnings:

The problem:

Filter a collection (for instance the product collection) by various attributes in the following way:

Simple as this nested mySql-Query, the solution in Magento is not that easy. In contrast to the query, in which the AND and OR are the other way around.

The solution:

Filter the collection with AND and OR nested the other way around, using addAttributeToFIlter(…) in Magento and then exchange AND and OR again in the where clause using string-operations.

1. Filter the collection

Get the product collection:

Use the following filter:

That will give a mySyl query that would look like that:

…so in the next step, we have to edit the where-clause programmatically.

2. Exchanging the AND and OR-Conditions in the mySQL-query

use the following code, to do that:

Note that the variable $oldWhereCond is not used and it’s just for debugging. Talking about that, you could also add the following in the end, to debug the query and check the where-condition of the query:

2. Optional: Apply other filters

Now you can also apply other filters, for example:

Note that these are added to the query with an AND-Condition, so the would query (simplified) would look like that:

3. Thats’s it

Now you can play around with the loaded products (for example in a foreach-loop):


Though I don’t really like the solution (because I think it’s very awkward, that there is no pre-built easier method in Magento), this solution is quite reliable and it works.

If you know an easier way to filter the collection, please let me know in the comments.


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